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A couple of weeks ago I wrote about WordPress (WP) and its history. The WP road has been exciting and full of great leaps towards this software becoming a fully-functional content management system. Today, hardcore bloggers can utilize WordPress just… Read on

 At some point over the past few years you may have heard about WordPress, and there is a good reason for this. WordPress is one of the most popular web publishing software around. According to WordPress, it is the largest… Read on

I am Michele and up to this point, I have been the silent partner of TDI. Leo has been encouraging me strongly for over a year to contribute to the blog writing, but frankly I have been intimidated. What was… Read on

Happy World IPv6 Launch Day, everyone! Whoa, wait a minute. What in the world is World IPv6 Launch Day? Similar to telephone numbers, we need specific numbers/addresses that allow us to connect to the web. Enter IPv4. That is the protocol that… Read on

For micro businesses (think really small businesses), some of the most difficult tasks are those dealing with the business side of operating the company. Having to handle payroll, company taxes, quarterly reports in addition to writing website privacy policies and other legal… Read on

The best rule for trying to get your website listed higher on Google’s search engine results is to always write good and frequent content on your site. And when I mention good content, I mean writing content that your customers… Read on

Google has added a new invention to their already powerful arsenal of search engine tools. It is called Google Instant. Essentially it predicts Internet search queries and shows results as soon as someone begins to type, adjusting the results as… Read on

This is a good article showing the results from a website user-attention study that was recently performed. The information gathered from these results is nothing new, but the study is excellent at reinforcing the fact that the conventional web design… Read on

Good post about the theoretical reasons for why Twitter works despite the fact that it probably should not. (Note: The author seems to like big, headsy words. Despite that, it is worth the read.) How Twitter works in theory

A few days ago I wrote about our website having been potentially hacked by way of our WordPress blog. After performing a couple of preventative measures I decided to contact our web host, Media Temple to see if there was… Read on