Yesterday, I wrote about our company’s initial venture into blogging only to discover that a change had to be made.

Changes needed to be made and I needed to regroup. I needed to regain focus on what I was writing about. My problem with the new focus, though, was that I now had a new problem. Our company’s intended audience was (and is) small business owners. Small business owners do not really care about the intricacies of web coding. So, the question I constantly asked myself was, “what should I write about?”

Meanwhile, Michele, Triune Designs‘ other partner, and I talked about these issues for quite some time. We decided that Michele would also write on our company’s blog. So, the blog grew from I/me to we. Having another writer will definitely make the blog better and help us add better content. Together, we are going to aim for publishing two new posts per week.

Michele and I also decided to give ourselves the freedom to just write about what we are passionate about. We decided that Michele would write about design and how that might interest our clients. Instead of website coding, I am initially going to write about WordPress and how to use it. (Most of our new and old clients are unfamiliar with how to operate WordPress.) After a while we are going to reevaluate our writing and see if more changes need to be made.

I am excited to be able to begin writing again for our company! I feel it has been way too long since Triune Designs’ blog has been utilized. Now, it is time to get writing! Welcome back aboard.

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